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Tabby & Jack's About Us


Welcome to Tabby & Jack's


We are your local pet specialists focusing on healthy diets and holistic pet services. We strive to provide the best products and services for you and your cat and dog. Tabby & Jack's carries only the best and most biologically appropriate products for your pet.  All foods must pass our nutritional test in order to be carried in our store, with no corn, wheat, soy or animal byproducts.  For the more discerning pet parent, we have the largest selection of raw food diets for cats and dogs in the Madison area.  In addition, many of our toys, treats, foods, and specialty items are sourced locally in the state or Midwest region.

With cage-free drying, chemical-free shampoos and conditioners, and certified holistic grooming staff, our holistic grooming offers a safe and less stressful option to grooming. Most dog and cat grooms are completed in about an hour.  

We are proud to be home to the Madison area's only holistic doggie daycare. What is holistic daycare? Daycare with a holistic approach focuses on the dog as a whole, exercising the mind and body; we train basic commands through out the day, have constant staff supervision and interaction, and maintain small group sizes of no more than 15 dogs per day. All of our team members in both our grooming salons and daycare are trained in pet first aid/CPR and basic dog behavior.


Our Mission: 

To provide healthy and safe food, quality accessories, and Holistic Pet Services at a fair price with your pet’s best interest at heart.


Our Promise:

  1. Provide advice and make educated recommendations on the nutritional needs of your pet to promote a long and healthy life.
  2. Provide a comfortable and relaxing environment in order to create a positive grooming experience for your pet.
  3. Ensure your dog's stay in our Doggie Daycare is comfortable and welcoming to their individual needs.
  4. Support non-profit organizations that help abused and abandoned animals find homes. Also, support those organizations that train and place service dogs; therefore, improving the quality of life for the disabled.
  5. Provide high quality, healthy, well-balanced, and safe foods for your pet.
  6. Provide a fair price on all foods to ensure that feeding a healthy diet is affordable to everyone.
  7. Price match our local competitors' everyday prices.
  8. Provide a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee on all pet foods.





Growing up we always had pets.  With my Mother’s animal loving nature, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Our home was a consistent foster haven for many kittens and puppies.  We also provided rehab for many wild animals.  In 8th grade, I raised a baby squirrel myself and I logged my experience for my 8th grade science project. I received 1st place for my work! Mother taught me how to groom when I was 12, and I had a consistent clientele of my own throughout high school.

When I was 11 years old, my parents started Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.  Rockford needed a non-kill shelter for the over abundance of stray cats and dogs, and Noahs Ark quickly filled that void.  I spent many Saturday mornings as a kid volunteering by cleaning cages, feeding the animals and taking the dogs for walks.  I also volunteered my time to groom the incoming dogs with haircuts, baths, and general grooming maintenance.

After attending Eastern Illinois University and receiving an Accounting Degree and CPA Designation, my first job out of college was in banking as a commercial lender which I enjoyed for 15 years. A large part of my job was to analyze different business models and their financial stability to determine if their operations were viable enough to repay their borrowing needs.  It was during this time that I developed my entrepreneurial desire to go into business.


  • Tabby & Jack's ~ Fitchburg

    2970 Cahill Main Street.
    Fitchburg, WI Ph: (608) 277-5900

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    Fitchburg, WI
  • Tabby & Jack's ~ Middleton

    6925 University Ave.
    Middleton, WI Ph: (608) 841-1133

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    Middleton, WI
  • Tabby & Jack's ~ Stoughton

    2392 Jackson Street
    Stoughton, WI Ph: (608) 205-6644

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    Stoughton, WI
  • Tabby & Jack's ~ Madison

    4116 Monona Drive
    Madison, WI Ph: (608) 665-3541

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    Madison, WI



Through June 30, 2020

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