In Home Private Lessons are good for dogs that have specific issues that exist in the home. Such as chewing, urination, barking at noises, resource guarding, issues with strangers coming over, and so much more. These are also great for getting all members of the family involved without having to leave home!

$75/ Hour 
Packages: $195 for 3 One Hour Sessions (Save $30!)

Packages usually run one hour per week for 3 weeks. (Depending on the availability of the client and trainer) 

*Please note that in home lessons will assess a travel fee if the client is more then a 10 mile radius from the trainer. 

What your lesson will include: One-on-one training targeted towards your lifestyle and your dog! Every dog is different, and our trainers will cater to the behaviors you want to work on. We focus on helping you build a stronger bond with your dog, so you can feel confident about training! We will give you goals to work towards each week, with fun homework assignments you can continue when you leave.

​How do I get started?  Call our Fitchburg location at 277-5900 or our Middleton location at 841-1133 to speak with our staff about setting up a free phone consultation with one of our trainers.  The trainer will make a recommendation as to where to conduct the private lesson.  Once you decide what package you would like to purchase, payment must be made to secure an appointment.  We are happy to take the payment over the phone, or you can visit us in person at one of the stores. We also require a completed questionnaire so we can get a better idea of your training goals.  These forms can be e-mailed to you or you can pick them up at our store. 


Tabby & Jack's is proud to offer private dog training lessons! Sometimes, a class setting is just not going to work for some dogs, and we want to be able to provide training in the home, as well as at our two store locations. Whether you just need help on one specific problem, or you want some one-on-one attention focused on your and your dog, our private lessons may be for you!

​There are two different types of Private Lessons we offer:

In Store Private Lessons are good for dogs that just need some general skills, but won't fit well into a class setting. This is also a good alternative to taking a 6-week class if you just don't have time in your schedule, as our private lessons have more flexible hours. In Store lessons are also good for dogs that may be perfect listening at home, and have trouble in newer places. 

$55/ Hour
Packages: $135 for 3 One Hour Sessions (Save $30!)

Packages usually run one hour per week for 3 weeks. (Depending on the availability of the client and trainer)