Tabby & Jack's Play Groups


Fitchburg and Middleton Locations: 


Our playgroups are a great opportunity for you to come and play with your dog and watch them interact with other dogs and people.

We ask that all dogs that come to playgroups be current on their shots and be in good health, free of parasites and fleas.  While we do provide a team member to help regulate play, we ask that you help supervise your pooch during the hour play session. 

*Playgroups have a maximum of 15 dogs, and is open on a first come first serve basis. 

Playgroups Cost:  $3/dog  

Benefits to Bringing Your Pup to Playgroups:

  • Play time for your pup is a great way to expend some energy!

  • Playgroups for puppies provide much needed socialization!  Socialization helps to teach dogs bite inhibition and proper play behaviors.

  • Talk with other pup moms and dads and learn what works for them.

  • Supervised play; all playgroups come complete with a team member to answer questions and help stimulate proper play.

  • All team members are certified in Pet First Aid and CPR and trained in pet behavior and positive reinforcement training.