Most of us can’t do the job that professional groomers can do, but regular brushing between grooms keeps skin healthier, coats cleaner and tangle free. It can also help with shedding which means a cleaner home.  Read our Grooming Tips

The New Year often means a time to revisit goals, revisit goals and make room for new beginnings. But, why not include your pet?  Committing to healthy habits – both mental and physical – with your pet can help keep you both on track and strengthen bonds.  Tabby & Jack’s has put together some New Year resolution ideas to help get you and your pet started:



5 New Years Resolutions

(you can do with your pet)

Spending time volunteering at your local animal shelter is a great way to help less fortunate dogs and cats… and it will make you feel better too.  Can't find a place to volenteer?  Brown Paws Rescue is a wonderful shelter that is always looking for help from the community


People often make the mental commitment to eat better, and exercise more, but why not include Fido? Making a commitment for regular walks or runs and a healthier diet is as good for your pet as it is for you. Don’t forget… play time can be great exercise for both too!  Here are some tips on Reading Food Labels or the benefits of a Raw Diet

What better way to ring in the new Year than to make a commitment to be the best pet parent you can be? The possibilities are endless, so be sure to visit us on Facebook and Instagram to share your ideas. They just might help someone else!



 Oral care for pets is often overlooked, but regular care can help you avoid expensive vet bills later, not to mention, a very uncomfortable situation for your dog or cat. So, make the commitment now to get cleaning on a regular basis.

Dogs (and even many cats) love to learn new things. Making a conscience choice to teach something new or recommitting to conquer that bad habit will pay off is spades and create more bonding time with your dog or cat.  Here are some Training Tips