7 indoor activities to do with your dog

Even a Labrador can be happy playing fetch down a hallway or large(ish) room. It might not beat the yard or park, but your dog will relish the time together and will let loose some energy. Be sure to use a light weight (ex: stuffed, lambswool) ball indoors that’s small enough for the dog to carry but not too small to choke on. These balls are great for playing catch too!

7.  Doggie play dates

Using a treat or favorite toy, have your dog sit and stay while you go hide the prize. Start with easy spots at first, and if your dog catches on, ramp up the difficulty. Some sniffers get very good at this, so pacing around the house for a bit even after you’ve hidden the treat can throw them off scent and keep them entertained for longer. This game works on all levels… bonding, training, mental and physical stimulation. And, it’s fun for both! 

1.  Finders Keepers! ​​

Got an energetic pooch who loves to have fun in the sun? Don’t despair now that weather is getting colder (and days shorter!) because there are fun activities to keep Fido feeling good throughout the winter season.

A dog that doesn’t get enough exercise or mental stimulus can get into all kinds of mischief. Suddenly, that sweet pooch is ripping through the house unwinding rolls of toilet paper, barking at every little noise, or scratching at furniture they had once left alone.

Often unwanted behaviors are a result of pent up energy… if the dog can’t get it out running and playing outdoors their instincts kick in to find other, ahem, more creative ways. 

It isn’t for everyone, but many dog experts believe it’s great for dogs that don’t get too aggressive. It releases physical energy and is a fun game for the friendly pooch whose feeling frisky. Best of all, you don’t need a ton of room to play!

The possibilities are endless and mixing it up can help too. Of course, for many nothing beats the great outdoors… but when you’re just not up for battling the outside elements don’t forget to get creative before your dog does.  

Visiting your local Tabby & Jack’s is always a great activity too. Dogs (on a leash) are always welcome and we are here to answer your pet care needs. ​ 

5.  Create an obstacle course

Looking for a little extra activity this weekend?  Check out our Playgroups each Saturday morning.

6.  Hide-and-seek 

It isn’t just for kids anymore. Instead of hiding a treat or toy, try hiding yourself. Call your dog and see if they can find you. They will be beyond thrilled with the reward of lots of love and hugs.

(and keep them out of mischief this winter)

4.  Teach dogs a new trick

3.  Fetch!

Just like humans, dogs love to feel important. Teaching dogs new tricks keeps them from being bored and builds bonds. It can also make your life easier too. Why not teach them how clean up their toys? It’s totally doable and unlike (most) humans, they think it’s fun! ​

There are doggie daycares where dogs can interact but having a friend over with their pooch can be a great socializing activity for both dog and owner. In fact, Tabby & Jack's provides Daycare Monday - Friday from 7AM - 6PM.  

2.  Tug-of-War

Pillows, rope, buckets, blankets… whatever you’ve got, use it to build an obstacle course for your dog and guide them through it. Start small and build as they get the hang of it. 

Here’s a quick list of indoor activities to try with your dog to make the winter months a little less challenging: