That’s why a shampoo that states it is pH balanced for either dogs or cats is by far the better choice for your pet!

Remember… if you need help with any specific grooming needs…. Nails, eyes, checking anal glands, etc., Tabby & Jacks offers a light groom service that covers all the “problem areas” you might not feel comfortable dealing with.

Of course, we offer full custom professional grooms for dogs and cats as well as specialty services including teeth brushing and scaling!

We also offer mobile grooming services, so we can come to YOU! (Perfect for the anxious pet that doesn’t like car rides.)

Make life easier and check out our holistic grooming services here. Hope to see you soon! 

Most common home-grooming mistakeusing the wrong shampoo! 

Did you know? The pH balance on a dog or cat’s skin is typically more alkaline than their human brothers and sisters. Repeated washes with human shampoo can irritate your pet’s skin and cause bacterial problems that can lead to itching, flaking and rashes.

Regular grooming can seem like a chore, but it provides an excellent time to bond with your pet and helps to ensure that they are in tip-top shape.  Clean ears, paws and coat (teeth too, but we’ll cover that in an upcoming article) are essential for optimal health and happiness.

Dirty fur can lead to infections, painful mats, and bad smells. In addition, regular baths and brushing will help to keep your home clean, too!

Here are some more quick tips to keep in mind:

  • For do-it-yourself trimming jobs, use blunt edge scissors made for cutting a dog or cat’s hair.
  • Use a slicker brush where mats occur on dense or longer coats. Follow up with a bristle brush.
  • Not brushing through fur before wetting your dog or cat in the bath is another common mistake to avoid.
  • Avoid spraying water directly in the eyes, nose and ears.
  • Rinse well! Even pet shampoo can irritate sensitive skin if left on the coat.
  • If using a dryer, make sure it’s not on a hot setting, be sure to move air flow around frequently. (Try to avoid groomers with dangerous cage driers – we never use them!)

Grooming provides an excellent chance to:

  • Check ears for infection and irritation. Excess debris, redness or foul odors is a signal that a trip to the vet is in order.
  • Make sure eyes look clear and have no unusual discharge.
  • Paws should be inspected for cuts and scrapes. Fur in-between toes and on bottom of feet should be trimmed if your pet will allow.
  • Check skin for redness, rashes, bug bites and ticks.
  • Dogs with skin folds like Pugs will need special attention given to areas where dirt and bacteria can build.



Do you have a dog or cat that is particularly adverse to grooming?  Does your pet have an anxiety attack when they have to travel in the car?  Then mobile grooming is just what you need.  Our full service van will come straight to your door!  We provide full grooming services to the Madison area with our mobile grooming van. Mobile Grooming is popular among pet owners with Seniors and Cats!

Helpful Grooming Tips - and mistakes to avoid