​Molly L- Pack Leader

Molly has always had dogs and other animals in her life. She came to Tabby & Jack's with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to different dog breeds and behaviors. She is a graduate from Verona High School, class of 2010, and has always had a passion for dogs and has always felt that her purpose in life is caring for dogs and of other animals. She enjoys having her pit/lab mix that she has had for 7 years now, who she loves dearly and her new puppy, Peter, a chihuahua mix. Molly grew up riding and showing with her family and she competed in Sport Horse Nationals and many other shows as a child. She started clipping horses and now loves grooming small and large breed dogs. Molly is a wonderful pack leader and we love having her!

Krystal H- Pack Leader 
Krystal is our in-house Madison native. Krystal has always known that she wanted to work with animals and joined our team to learn more about her favorite species, dogs! She is well versed in canine behavior and is in love with her cat, Meatball. He is a orange, long haired gentleman who loves to pose for the camera. Krystal began her grooming career by exclusively bathing dogs. Shortly thereafter, she wanted to use her artistic abilities and creativity to grooming dogs and cats. Her nurturing hand and experience makes her a great fit for dogs of all breeds. We love having her in our pack!

RJ M.- Pack Leader 
RJ has always loved being around animals. Growing up in the country, she has had animals of all kinds such as dogs, horses, cats, and goats! After graduating from Mt. Horeb in 2014 she is continuing school at Madison Collage to become an Occupational Therapist Assistant with the goal of working together with clients and animals. She has worked in doggie daycares for several years. We are glad to have her on our team!

​Darby G. - Pack Leader

Darby  grew up in the Middleton area with her family which, thankfully, always included pets like dogs. She has loved animals and working with them from a young age. Four years ago, she started working with dogs at a veterinary hospital, then a daycare, and now she works in the daycare at Tabby and Jack’s! She has her own dog Koda, a three year old Alaskan Malamute. He loves to come to work and play with the other dogs. They both love all dogs big and small, and have a great time interacting with and caring for them. 


our Holistic Caretakers

We confidently take on the pack leadership role, because we understand pack mentalities & know they need our leadership in order to maintain a balanced pack. All of our caretakers go through structured training where they learn about packs and are given the tools they need to gain confidence and respect from the pack.

We believe small dogs can and should be exposed to playtime with larger dogs.  With trained caretakers, we can provide this exposure to all size dogs so we can teach not to play too rough with with older or smaller dogs.  This setting is also advantageous in teaching smaller dogs how to overcome their fear of large dogs.

We provide report cards to our guests everyday.  We report to you what your furchild did or didn't like in daycare, who their "buddies" were for the day and any improvements in behaviors we are working on.  We also make recommendations on home training and methods that we believe will work in reinforcing good behavior for your particular dog.

We personalize every guests day with your dog's needed exercise, play or personalized attention.  We understand that every dog is different, and what makes one dog happy can be different for another.   Just because a dog may not wrestle and play chase with other dogs, doesn't mean they can't have a good time! Because of our small group size, we are able to give plenty of one-on-one attention to any and all of the dogs that day.


All our daycare team members are trained in dog behavior and the latest positive reinforcement techniques for behavior modification.  

All Tabby & Jack's team member are also certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.