CBD (canna-bi-diol) oil can ease a myriad of issues including stress, arthritis, chronic pain, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular issues – among others!

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Okay, so how do I use it on my pet? 

Some CBD oils can be administered topically but are generally given orally with food. The research on how much to give, however, is still a matter of debate. It is best to talk to your veterinarian or a pet health expert (like at Tabby & Jack’s) on how much to give your pet.

Depending on weight and reasons the oil is used will help to determine the amount given. Starting with small amounts and building is usually a safer bet, as is finding a high-quality product and following its recommendations. 

What exactly are the benefits? 

Although overdoses are extremely rare, using low quality CBD oils can pose a risk of THC exposure. CBD oils should contain trace amounts of THC (if any) as even small amounts could potentially create a dangerous situation for an unsuspecting pet.

Low-quality products have also been found to contain low amounts of CBD, rendering the oil useless. 

 Luckily, your local Tabby & Jack’s carries high-quality hemp oils and we are here to answer your questions. Stop in and see us at one of our 3 locations!

Cannabis Oil is extracted from the marijuana plant that contains both THC (the psychoactive component) and CBD (cannabidiol, the medical component).

The oil used to treat medical conditions should contain miniscule to zero amounts of THC, hence having no psychoactive effect on your pet

So, what is Cannabis Oil, and will my pet get “high?” 


CBC is becoming increasingly popular because many health experts believe it doesn’t have adverse effects on other parts of the body like the liver and kidneys.

 Many pet owners give their fur babies small amounts of CBD oil every day to help boost the immune system and prevent diseases like cancer, according to CertaPet

CBD Oil for Pets

Just like humans, the use of Cannabis Oil for pets is yielding some wonderful health benefits.  Whether it be nausea, anxiety, stiff joints, cancer or seizures, medical cannabis (CBD) can ease symptoms to these ailments and many more.

But, it gets better…growing research shows that high-quality Cannabis Oil can help prevent disease and boost the overall health of your pet!  

Tabby & Jack’s carries high-quality Hemp Well products that can be used for the above ailments as well as a daily immune boost! Even better, the Hemp Omega can reduce inflammation, stiff joints and produce a shiny, soft coat for pets with dry, itchy skin.