Definitely feeding a healthy diet is the best thing you can do.  Food is their fuel.  The better the quality, the healthier and happier your pet will be. Feeding a balanced raw diet is the best diet you can feed, but if feeding 100% raw is not in your budget, consider a portion of their diet to be raw.  Sorta like eating a salad or apple for yourself!  Some fresh is better than no fresh! 

Exercise is also really important for your dog’s physical and mental health!  The same thing goes for cats.  Be sure you are providing them with a cat tree and other toys that make them run and climb.

I also add 3 supplements to my pet's diet:

What do you feed your pets?

Who are some of the people that influenced your approach to pets?

Name the easiest thing a pet owner can do to help improve their pet's health.

Michelle Lonergan ~ part 2

Salmon oil, Hemp oil, Krill Oil or coconut oil.  Feed only one oil according to instructions.  Rotating oils will provide optimal results.

KelpAnti-inflammatory, anti cancer, anti tumor, Natural multi vitamin (contains over 70 minerals and vitamins), high in fiber, acts like a “cleanse”.

Probiotic and enzymes (combo supplement): Probiotic keeps the flora in the gut balanced to prevent any bad bacteria from taking over.  The enzymes assists in breaking down the food for better absorption.

My mom has always had an immense love for animals.  She taught me how to groom when I was 12 and I had a few of my own customers through high school.  Early in my mom’s grooming career, she witnessed a dog dyeing in a cage dryer in a salon she worked for in Chicago.  She swore off cage dryers and I definitely followed her lead there! 

My dad was a businessman and a great salesman. He started Charjans Distributors, 35 years ago, which is a wholesaler of healthy pet food, treats and supplies.  He was my greatest influence in running a business.  Not only was he a great businessman, but he knew the pet business. Dad helped me tremendously in our start-up and throughout the years we have been in business.

My 2 dogs and cat are fed a balanced raw meat diet and fed twice a day.  Their favorite brand is the Northwest Naturals, which comes in 6 meat varieties.  I do rotate their food with other brands as I feel it is important to give your pet plenty of variety.  OC Raw is also one of my favorite raw diet brands and I my pets Love it!

Naturally, everyone will have a greater chance of longevity if we fuel our bodies with the nutrients it needs and as nature intended.  Domesticated dogs and cats have digestive systems that are 99% identical to the Grey Wolf.  It makes sense to feed our domesticated pets the same diet as they would eat in the wild.  Fresh Raw meat with organs, bones, fat and cartilage for a balanced diet.  A dog and cat’s digestive system is 1/3 the length of ours. This means it requires fresher food that can be absorbed before going out the back end.  No matter how you look at dry pet food, it is highly processed.  Cooked at 400+ degrees, most of the nutrients are cooked out, and then added back in synthetically.

Tabby & Jack's specializes in healthy food and treats, but we take it a step further, because anyone can sell a commodity. We are consultants that help our clients tailor the best diet for their pet, within the pet owner's budget.  We distribute information about nutrition and provide options so the client can make an educated decision on what to feed their pets.  We also know dogs and cats are individuals and that if one food or product works for one dog, doesn’t mean it will work for another. We take the time to learn about your pet.  We want to know what sensitivities he has.  What does he like? Dislike?  We provide information to our clients based on our research,  seminars and resource guides.  If we don’t have the answer, we will find the answer.

Grooming at Tabby & Jacks is second to none with very caring and talented groomers.  We only use the highest quality products free of harsh chemicals.  We do not use cage dryers and our clients are worked straight through and ready to go home in 1-2 hours.

Our doggie daycare is limited to 15 dogs with a trained pack leader. Our staff is trained in pet first aid and pack mentalities.  Your dog’s day is filled with cognitive exercises, group play, outside walk and tailored one-on-one time for specific training (stop jumping, listen, sit, stay, etc) or for the perfectly trained, we can play games, work on tricks or maybe just some snuggle time!

Why should someone come to T & J's instead of a national chain?

  • Maisie 75lb Bernese Mountain Dog:  2 pounds (1 pound per meal)
  • Jack Mini Poodle 12lbs:  10 NWN nuggets, or 6 oz per day (3oz per serving)
  • Charlie Cat 8lbs: 10 NWN nugget, or 6oz per day (3oz per serving).

What is your philosophy and approach towards pet nutrition?